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“The music masters familiarizes children’s minds with rhythms and melodies, thus making them more civilized, more balanced, better adjusted in themselves, and more capable in whatever they say or do, for rhythm and harmony are essential to the whole of life.” – Plato (428-348 BC)

I truly believe that music is the universal language.  Regardless of whether you want to tour the world or just play some songs for friends, playing guitar is a gift and experience for your entire life.

I am committed to being the best possible teacher and mentor I can be to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams. So that I may give you the best possible value of lessons with me, I am constantly learning and being mentored in being the best guitar teacher possible. I am involved with a group called the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle, which is composed of the best guitar teachers all over the world.  Together, we are taught how to teach and mentor our students into being the guitar players of their dreams.

– John Drysdale
Guitar Teacher-Instructor-Mentor-Coach

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