What will I learn in my lessons? 
A great question, but there is truly no way I (or any competent teacher) can answer this question without meeting you first and learning more about you. Every student is different. Every student learns a different way and has different goals. So, what might be 'perfect' for one student may be 'terrible' for another. All of my students get a personalized lesson strategy that is unique to them, to their skills, and to their goals. Rest assured, you will not only get everything that you need to succeed at playing the guitar, you will also have a LOT of fun in the process!
What styles of music do you teach?
My specialty is Surf/Instrumental Rock.  I also teach: Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Pop and Blues.

I do NOT teach: Jazz, Classical, Flamenco/Spanish style, or Country lead guitar. If you are interested in those styles, you would be best served studying with a teacher who is proficient in those styles.
What age groups do you teach?

I teach ages 6 to 100+ 
How much do lessons cost?
I have several different programs available and each vary in price. Since everybody learns differently and has different goals, I have unique programs to fit everyone's needs. Just as I stated above that I can't know what or how I am going to teach you until I get more information from you, I truly can't tell you how much it will cost for you until I know what program (or programs)  would best suit you. The bottom line is that I have something for EVERY budget!

I also offer different payment plans that provide additional savings by paying in advance.  This will be covered in the introductory lesson.
There are NO enrollment or registration fees.
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